Got my PAR (223) just got back from shooting about thirty rounds and I can say I have not had that much fun in a long time. With the fireball and sound it’s like a bomb going off in your hand but surprisingly no pain. Comfortable fun to shoot. I was constantly hitting the target at twenty yards once I got a good feel of the trigger. Thanks Heizer Defense you brought back just plain fun shooting …#8

-Rod NumberEight Miller


The Heizer PS1 is definitely a special purpose pistol for the outdoors person who values a compact platform over something with greater ammunition capacity. I’ve pocket carried the PS1 for several days in a Remora pocket holster and have become accustomed to the reassuring weight in my pocket. I really hope the PS1 sells well, because I really want to see what is on the drawing board for Heizer’s next firearm.

-Guns and Ammo (Bruce Flemings)


The Heizer pocket shotgun is a remarkably versatile personal-defense tool. This little single-barrel pistol will fore .410 shotshells, slugs, and purpose-designed anti-personnel loads as well as various .45 Colt cartridges with equal alacrity

-American Handgunner


Though she is one shot, the advantage to the Hedy Jane comes from her simplicity. If you aren’t ready for a semi-auto but aren’t a fan of revolvers, the Hedy Jane is a nice middle area. (Jacki Billings)


The gun is manageable but is a powerful defensive arm. A dozen full-power rounds in a row were enough to peg the funmeter for a single outing. The trigger is nice and smooth and the ejector sticks the empties out far enough to grab.

-American Handgunner


21st Century handheld Howitzer

-American Handgunner