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12-14 pound trigger pull a bit too difficult? The Hedy Jane pistols feature an 8-10 pound trigger pull that create a much easier and quicker fire rate.

NOTE: Each Hedy Jane pistol comes with either a matching bracelet or earring with purchase!

PS1 Pocket Shotgun Specifications

Chambered: 45 Colt/.410
Weight: 21 oz
Height: 3 7/8 inches
Width: .7 inches
Length: 4 5/8 inches
Finish: Black or Silver
MSRP: $369.00
Stainless Steel Frame and Barrel

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Colors available:

  • Zombie Green & Stainless
  • Aqua & Stainless
  • Pink & Stainless
  • Purple & Stainless
  • Zombie Green & Black

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Hedy Jane Pocket Shotgun Pistol

  •  The smallest powerful handgun chambered in 45/.410
  • Radius grip for comfortable use on controllable recoil
  • Snag free and only .7″ wide
    • Ideal for purse carry
  • Trigger is on roller bearings for a smooth action
  • Crafted from certified USA stainless steel and made in the U.S.A.
  • Storage compartment in handle
    • Holds 2 extra rounds of 45LC
    • Extremely reliable…shot 5,000 rounds of .410 with no failures or malfunctions

Hedy Jane - green

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