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  1. Artie Deco says:

    Looking for a dealer in North central Arizona. Prescott Valley/Dewey area.


    • Heizer Defense currently sells through distribution, so simply have your dealer order from one of the following Distributors: AcuSport, AmChar, Bangers, Bill Hicks, Big Rock Sports, Hick’s Inc., Sports South, Williams Shooting Supply, or Zanders.


  2. John McLeod says:

    Can you explain what the status is of the Double-Tap, 2 shot pistol? Looking at your site or Facebook page, it’s like it never existed. What’s the story on this gun? Why did it come and go and what is the status of it’s production quality and reliability?


  3. Edward Diaz says:

    Do you have any holster ideas or links for your weapons?


    • In regards to the pocket pistols, any holster that fits the popular 380’s will fit our pistols. In regards to the PKO-45, we’re working with a number of holster companies; there will be many options available.


  4. Ron M. says:

    Any plans of making barrels in pistol calibers like 9mm, .45ACP, and .357 Mag?


  5. Floyd Shrout says:

    very interested in .357,ported….been wishing for single shot for a long time…


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