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Gary Ramey, GM/COO of Heizer Defense noted “The PAR1 Pocket AR Pistol has had an unbelievable response from the industry. The PAR1 will be a small IPhone-sized pistol chambered in .223 and use the same reliable stainless steel frame as the PS1 Pocket Shotgun Pistol. We use only certified American stainless steel with a radiussed grip that is ergonomically designed. That is a key reason our pistols are comfortable to shoot and can handle the .223 cartridge. The PAR1 is just one more step in our product extensions and planned new product launches for this year. We’ll be adding more calibers and other new firearms shortly”.

Tom Heizer, Principal of Heizer Defense commented “The PS1 has been well-received and we have a strong response for PAR1 as well. We are adding capacity to keep up with consumer demand and will launch this pistol in July. We already have orders for the PAR1 and expect a great rollout. We’ll be showing both the PAR1 Pocket AR Pistol and the PS1 Pocket Shotgun Pistol at the NRA Show in Indianapolis. We invite all attendees to stop by Booth #6274 to see the pistols”.


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